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Smartphone Photography Azores

Pico Island, Azores

And what started out as some chats among friends grew into what you are now seeing: an online platform where you can learn to make the best out of the camera you most likely carry with you at all times. More and more people were coming to us complaining about the low quality camera of their phones or their lack of knowledge to use it, only to find out moments later, that mastering their smartphone camera, was very much within their reach.

Seeing that joy in other people’s faces motivated us to take the next step: creating an online platform and share our knowledge in photography applying it to the specific case of smartphones. No one is left out. So the tips and tricks we’ll share here are all encompassing: iPhone, Android and others alike. Of course some articles will inevitably be brand or operating system specific but we are quite sure you’ll find something here that will help you go from great to amazing photos!

Soon you’ll see articles here about how to use your pone as a family photography camera. We’ll also be discussing what not to do in smartphone photography and unveiling hidden features on your smartphone’s camera. Did you know your earphones can double up as a selfie “cable”?

Let us know specific questions you have and it might just get featured in one of our articles. Whatever the case, we’ll always reply!

So, stay tuned!

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